September 28, 2022

WeedMaster TS470

WeedMaster TS470

TS470 offers New Zealand farmers an advanced glyphosate formulation for reliable weed control for a pre-plant spray out prior to planting crops or pasture.

Product Group:Herbicide
Active Ingredient: 470g/L Glyphosate
Formulation: Soluble Concentrate

Why WeedMaster TS470

  • Contains 470g/L Glyphosate with patented Twin Salt Technology
  • Outstanding results on difficult-to-control weeds
  • Easy to pour and mix
  • Excellent stability in low temperatures

What is Twin Salt™ Technology?

The key to the exceptional performance of WeedMaster TS470 is Twin Salt Technology, a unique combination of potassium and mono-ammonium salts developed by Nufarm. The combination of the two salts and a tailored surfactant package delivers:

  • Faster brownout,
  • Low viscosity thus making it easier to pour
  • Excellent stability at low temperatures,
  • Excellent tank mix compatibility.

The result is an easy to use, effective product for broad spectrum weed control.

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