December 15, 2022

Chateau - Herbicide

Chateau - Herbicide

A contact and soil residual herbicide for season-long weed control in grapes, kiwifruit, pipfruit, stonefruit, bush fruit, hops and shelterbelts.

Product Type: Herbicide
Active Ingredient: 500g/kg flumioxazin
Formulation: Water dispersible granule

Chateau is a proven pre-emergence residual herbicide. It has been tested extensively for efficacy, crop safety and residues, under NZ conditions, on vineyards and orchards nationwide.Growers now have an economic option for controlling weeds without the need for repeated spraying during the growing season.

Features and Benefits:

  • Broad spectrum: Controls a wide range of broadleaf and grass weeds. Rhizomatous or stoloniferous weeds may emerge through Chateau treated soil or creep in from unsprayed areas. Established weeds must be controlled prior to application of Chateau.
  • Long lasting: Controls weeds for 4-8 months
  • Stays in place: Stays in place until rainfall or irrigation releases its activity. Does not leach or volatilise
  • Proven performance: Chateau has been widely used for effective weed control on vines and tree crops around the world for many years, and has been extensively trialled here in New Zealand. It provided residual weed control with no detrimental effects on long term vine and tree health
  • No residues: When used as directed no residues occur in fruit or vine foliage
  • Soil types: Safe and effective on a wide range of soil types
  • Convenient: Pre-packaged water soluble bags – no weighing or handling required