November 18, 2022

CRUCIAL - 600gL High Strength Herbicide

CRUCIAL - 600gL High Strength Herbicide

A non-residual, non-selective herbicide for weed control prior to planting crops and pasture, prior to harvesting some crops and for general weed control in horticulture, agriculture, and forestry.

Product Type: Advanced Technology Herbicide
Active Ingredient: 600g/L Glyphosate
Formulation: Soluble Concentrate

World first 600g/L high strength liquid glyphosate formulation powered by triple salt, triple surfactant technology.

Key Benefits:

  • Excellent Efficacy – so you can execute with precision, even under challenging conditions
  • Outstanding Compatibility – tried and tested with the widest range of tank mix partners
  • Fast Knockdown, Quicker Turnaround: 1 day for annual and 3 days for perennial weeds
  • Rainfast in 15 Minutes with Pulse Penetrant*– new industry benchmark
  • Exceptional Viscosity – fast pouring in all climatic conditions
  • Anti-foam Technology – more effective use of your time

Backed by the Nufarm *Commercial Performance Guarantee, CRUCIAL provides you innovative solutions.