September 28, 2022

ProGibb SG

ProGibb SG

ProGibb SG is a foliar spray that stimulates production of dry matter under rotational grazing when cool soil temperatures limit natural pasture growth rates; to increase cherry firmness and quality and to provide inhibition of flowering of Satsuma mandarins.

Product Group: Plant Growth Regulator
Active Ingredient: 400g/kg Gibberellic acid
Formulation: Soluble granule

Key Benefits

  • A plant growth regulator for pasture that provides a rapid increase in pasture growth rate and dry matter production.
  • Boost pasture dry matter yield in ryegrass and clover pastures by 30-60% within three weeks of application.
  • Proven and extensively tested with over four years of national trials and farm studies.
  • Manage feed supply in cooler months such as spring and autumn.

How does it work?

ProGibb SG is plant growth regulator for pasture. ProGibb SG contains gibberellins which naturally occur in most plants and stimulate cell elongation or growth. Applying ProGibb after grazing, when the pasture’s natural gibberellin levels are very low, stimulates a rapid growth response.

Seasonal Benefits

  • Apply late in Autumn to boost pasture cover going into Winter.
  • Extend milking without sacrificing cow condition.
  • Take the pressure of supplementary feed requirements.
  • Plan to renew more of your pasture by using ProGibb SG to cover the down time while your new pasture is getting established
  • Get a head start on the season and shorten your rotation earlier.
  • Use the extra dry matter in the round to take more paddocks out of the rotation for silage or summer crops.
  • Use the extra dry matter to maintain cow condition going into mating.
  • Get paddocks that have been cut for silage back into the rotation earlier by applying ProGibb SG after cutting.