September 28, 2022

Naill 600EC Herbicide

Naill 600EC Herbicide

For use in mixtures with systemic and knockdown herbicides to improve the range of weeds controlled and the speed of knockdown and also for desiccation of seed potato haulms. New strength formulation.

Product Type: Herbicide
Active ingredient: 600g/L carfentrazone-ethyl
Formulation: Emulsifiable Concentrate

Nail 600EC has replaced Nail (See the conversion rates for Nail 600EC below)

Nail Conversion Rates
10 4
50 20
100 40
250 100


  • Nail 600EC is a fast acting contact herbicide and aids in the control of weeds through a process of membrane disruption. Applications should target small actively growing weeds.
  • Nail 600EC is rapidly absorbed through the foliage and green stems of plants. Within a few hours following application, the foliage of susceptible weeds show signs of desiccation and in subsequent days necrosis and death of the plant.
  • Nail 600EC can be added to contact and systemic herbicides to speed up knockdown and improve the control of certain broadleaf weeds and also for the desiccation of potato haulms.