September 28, 2022

Latro WG

Latro WG

For the post-emergent control of perennial and annual grasses and broadleaf weeds in grain and sileage maize crops.

Product Group: Herbicide
Active Ingredient: 750g/kg Nicosulfuron
Formulation: Water dispersible granule

  • Effective at controlling couch and mercer grass.
  • Also controls summer grasses and barnyard grass.
  • An easy to measure and mix granular formulation.

Post emergence weed control

Good weed control is essential when growing maize. It eliminates competition for light, nutrients and moisture enabling the maize crop to maximise its yield. Using Latro WG as part of your post emergence weed control programme allows you to reach your full potential.

How Latro WG works

Latro WG is rapidly absorbed by foliage and translocated throughout the plant. Grass and broadleaf weeds stop growing immediately, discolouration occurs followed by dieback that spreads slowly throughout the plant.

Application timing

Grass weeds: Apply when there is sufficient leaf area for good uptake but before the grass has formed a thick layer. For best results with summer grass, application should not be later than the 4 leaf stage. The maize crop growth stage best for application is between the 2 and 8 leaf stage when the crop is growing vigorously without moisture stress. Application to maize greater than 500mm in height risks crop injury.
Broadleaf weeds: Use Latro WG before weeds have reached the 4 true leaf stage. Weeds larger than 4 true leaf stage may only be suppressed.

Weather conditions

Warm, moist conditions and adequate soil moisture, both before and after application, will improve control. Maize stressed due to weather conditions may show a temporary yellowing or crop stunting. Latro WG is rainfast 6 hours after application.


Latro WG is compatible in tank mixtures with Nu-Trazine™ 900DF and Flowable Atrazine 600. Latro WG may be tank mixed with Kamba® 500 (applied to maize less than 30cm tall), Emblem® Flo or Valdo® 800WG to increase broadleaf weed control, but Bonza spray adjuvant should not be used with these mixtures as there is a greater risk of crop injury (which can be minimized by the use of dropper nozzles). Grass weed control with Latro WG may be reduced when Bonza is not used.