September 28, 2022

Flowable Atrazine

Flowable Atrazine

Residual herbicide for the control of certain broadleaf weeds and seedling grasses in maize, sweetcorn, linseed and established lucerne.

  • Highly effective herbicide for pre-emergence or post-emergence broadleaf weed control. Weeds controlled include fathen*, black nightshade, willow weed, amaranth spp. and Apple of Peru.
  • Ideal for tank mixing with Roustabout 840.
  • Suitable for sprayers that require a liquid formulation.

Active Ingredient:  500g/L Atrazine

Formulation:             Suspension concentrate


Flowable Atrazine 500 is absorbed through leaves and roots and acts best on young weeds as a post-emergence spray. It should be evenly applied to smooth clod-free soil. Moisture in the soil surface is essential for good results. Avoid spray overlaps.

Maize and Sweetcorn

Apply as an early post-emergence spray (within 7 days of sowing). It is important that weeds are actively growing in moist soil and not more than 2cm in height. Do not apply under dry slow-growth conditions. Application may safely be made at any growth stage of the crop. Shallow moulding to a depth of 3cm, 7 to 10 days after spraying can improve weed control where soil moisture is low.