September 28, 2022

Crest 520

Crest 520

Crest 520 is a high strength formulation of haloxyfop-P for grass weed and storksbill control in many crops including clover seed crops, peas and lucerne.

Product Group: Herbicide
Active Ingredient: 520g/litre Haloxyfop-P
Formulation: Emulsifiable concentrate

Crest 520 benefits:

  • A liquid formulation five times more concentrated than standard formulations.
  • Excellent control of many annual grasses and perennial grasses
  • Ideal for selective grass weed control in clover seed crops
  • Now registered for the control of storksbill
  • Rainfast 1 hour after application

How does Crest 520 work?
Crest 520 is absorbed by the foliage and the roots and translocated to the growing points where it inhibits fatty acid production, resulting in the death of the plant.

Crest 520 selective control of grass weeds
Crest 520 controls a wide range of annual and perennial grass weeds including; wild oats, summer grass, annual and perennial ryegrass, volunteer cereals, annual poa, mercer grass, kikuyu and paspalum.

When to apply
Apply Crest 520 when grass weeds are young and actively growing. Larger weeds can be controlled at higher rates.

Withholding Periods
Peas, Lentils: Do not apply later than flowering.
Asparagus: Do not apply during the cutting season.
Onions: Do not apply within 5 weeks of harvest.