September 28, 2022

Contact Xcel

Contact Xcel

A non-ionic surfactant which will improve the wetting, spreading and sticking of agricultural and horticultural sprays.

Product Group: Adjuvant
Active Ingredient:   980g/L Linear alcohol ethoxylate

Contact Xcel Features and Benefits

  • Nonylphenol free
  • Maximises droplet retention and uptake
  • Increased deposition on hard to wet plants
  • Cost effective

How does it work?

Contact™Xcel is especially formulated for use as an additive to agricultural and horticultural sprays. It reduces the surface tension of spray droplets, causing them to spread out evenly over sprayed surfaces upon impact. This provides an increase in the number of droplets retained by the target which then merge to form a continuous film, allowing maximum sites for chemical action or uptake. The spray will better penetrate waxy water repellent cuticles of insects, fungous lesions, disease infection sites and enhance coverage of, and adherence to, waxy and hairy leaf surfaces. The use of Contact Xcel is of particular value when spraying under hardened growth conditions such as during very dry weather or where vegetation is dust covered.