September 28, 2022



Preplanting preparation for Maize

A pre-plant clean-up saves time.

In spring, before establishing the crop, spray to kill the existing vegetation. This clean-up provides the following benefits:

  • Controls perennial weeds to minimise competition in the maize crop.
  • Reduces the tillage required to produce an excellent seedbed, saving time and money, because plant root breakdown has already been achieved by CRUCIAL.
  • Keeps the paddock in production longer beforehand, because an extensive cultivation or fallow period is not required for the new crop.
  • Weather is less likely to delay planting, since you are not relying on so many suitable days for cultivation.

Preplanting prepration for Brassicas

Spray your forage brassica crops in spring to:

  • Improve early crop growth, establishment and overall crop yields.
  • Control problem weeds including shepherd’s purse, wireweed, chickweed and cleavers.
  • Reduce reliance on post-emergence herbicides for weed control.

Pre-emergence weed control

Controlling weeds early is essential in maximising yields. Trials show that waiting to control weeds until as little as 4 weeks after emergence can reduce yields by at least 10-20%

Spray pre-emergence as:

  • Smaller weeds are typically easier to control.
  • Waiting to spray post emergence herbicides can be delayed due to weather, resulting in even further yield losses.
  • Pre-emergence spraying lets you target a wider range of weeds.

Liquid Nitrogen

Get a head start on the season and shorten your rotation earlier.

  • Use the extra dry matter in the round to take more paddocks out of the rotation for silage or summer crops.
  • Use the extra to maintain cow condition going into mating.
  • Get paddocks that have been cut for silage back into the rotation earlier by applying liquid nitrogen after cutting.