Maize Spraying

Good weed and pest control is essential in maize:

  • It reduces competition for light, nutrients and moisture.
  • It protects the palatability and nutritional potential of your crop.
  • It gets rid of pests like cutworm, slugs and army worm which ensures best plant establishment.

We can do your autumn spray for couch, mercer grass, paspalum, Kikuyu, Californian thistle, browntop, etc.

In spring a pre-plant clean-up saves time. Before establishing the crop, we spray to kill the existing vegetation. This clean-up provides the following benefits:

Controls perennial weeds to minimise competition in the maize crop.

  • Reduces the tillage required to produce a great seedbed, saving you time and money, because plant root breakdown has already been achieved.
  • Keeps the paddock in production longer beforehand, because long cultivation or fallow period is not needed for the new crop.
  • Weather is less likely to delay planting, since you are not relying on so many suitable days for cultivation.

After sowing, get us in for pre-emergence weed control to maximising your maize yields.

Doing a post harvest clean up will help you get in contro of perennial weeds.