Liquid Nitrogen Applications

NZ trials have proven that applying Liquid Nitrogen results in an additional 30-60% more pasture dry matter within a three week period, allowing increased milk production.


  • Get a head start on the season and shorten your rotation earlier.
  • Use the extra dry matter in the round to take more padocks out of the rotation for silage or sumer crops.
  • Use the extra dry matter  to maintain cow condition going into mating.
  • Get padocks that have been cut for silage back into the rotation earlier by applying ProGibb after cutting.


  • Apply late in the autumn to boost pasture cover going into winter.
  • Extend milking without sacrificing cow condition.
  • Take the pressure off supplementary feed requirements.
  • Plan to renew more of your pasture by using ProGibb to cover the down time while your new pasture is getting established.

Fact sheet